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Paul D. McCarthy

Meet Paul D. McCarthy

bulletFounder and President of McCarthy Creative Services
bulletProfessor in Writing, Editing & Publishing at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
bulletQualified for creative roles by 30 years of experience as book editor, author, publisher, program creator, consultant, speaker & educator

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Paul D. McCarthy  Creative Roles

bullet CREATIVE EDITOR   Edited, published, and is currently working with NINE (!!) Number 1 New York Times and international bestselling authors, and dozens of other top-selling, award-winning writers
MCS Authors & Clients

Selected Bookcovers

bullet PROFESSOR   First Professor in Writing, Editing and Publishing at University of Ulster, Northern Ireland; created the University's globally unprecedented WRITING, EDITING & PUBLISHING PROGRAMME
bulletAUTHOR  Wrote Books, Authors, and the Ideal Editor, the first philosophy and theory of book editing and
bullet Created a New York Times bestselling series of novels
bullet Developed four other fiction series
bullet Co-author of novels and nonfiction books on various subjects
bullet Written many magazine articles, essays and book reviews
bullet Is collaborating with a #1 NYT bestselling author on suspense novels featuring the real-life author as the continuing main character
bulletPROGRAM CREATION  Of university-degree, publishing, and other programs; seminars and conferences which often feature MCS Speakers
bullet LITERARY & FILM MANAGER  Manages careers of authors and screenwriters by working with agents, publishers, and movie studios
bullet LITERARY & FILM  AGENT  Represents #1 international best-selling, critically acclaimed, and award-winning novelists, nonfiction authors, poets, screenwriters, lyricists, and scholars  MCS Clients
bullet INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER  On creativity, education, writing, editing, publishing, books, screenplays, agenting; moderates and participates in panels & programs often broadcast on TV and radio
bullet INTERNATIONAL MULTIMEDIA CONSULTANT  To authors, agents, publishers, universities, corporations, private and public organizations on
bulletMarketing/creating/expanding publishing, educational & business programs
bulletMaximizing the value of the Internet
bulletOther creative functions
bullet LECTURE AGENT  Represents highly credentialed public speakers who are award-winning, bestselling, distinguished authors  MCS Speakers
bulletBOOK CRITIC  Reviews literary fiction and nonfiction for The Los Angeles Times Book Review and many other major newspapers
bulletBOOK JUDGE  For Writer's Digest National Self-Published Book Awards, major arts councils and writers' conferences awards among others

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MCS  Creative Services

bullet Creative Editing & Content Development
bullet Writing & Collaboration
bullet Programs Creation & Speakers
bullet Multimedia Consultation
bullet Literary & Film Management
bullet Literary, Film & Lecture Representation
bulletMCS Events

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Paul D. McCarthy 
President and Editor-in-Chief 
McCarthy Creative Services 
625 Main Street, Suite 834 
New York, NY 10044-0035  
fax: 212-829-9610

Updated: 09/05/06

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by Paul D. McCarthy.
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